62 Degrees North

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Travel Info

Oslo on "top-destinations" list for 2013

altThe New York Times has named Oslo as one of the 46 most attractive travel destinations in the world in 2013, and the only Scandinavian city mentioned in the ranking.

Norway’s secret little town

21092012Expertly hidden around two and a half hours drive south of Oslo, is Kragerø, a small seaside town nestled in amongst one of the little fjords that fray the coast from Oslo to Vest-Agder. On discovering this little secret, you will quickly realize that there is a little more beneath the surface here. 

What will happen to the Polar bear ?

The age of the Polar bear is coming to an end ! In 20 years, it will probably be extinct from the polar areas, according to a number of Scientists, and in 30 years, - maybe also from the Zoo's.

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