Welcome to Spiterstulen..........

Spiterstulen is situated 1100 m (3610 ft.) above sea level on  the timber line in a sheltered and luxuriant mountain valley.  You will find a profusion of mountain flowers, rippling streams, old animal pits and fabled tofts, all tempting you to pleasant strolls.  The meadow is a delightful playground for children. Our tourist season lasts from about 1st of March to mid October.

Part of the time, Spiterstulen is an outdoor pursuits centre, the 'Varden Fjellskole'.  Also during this period guests accepting plain fare are welcome............Read more here...

The Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell

The Vatnahalsen area is breathtakingly scenic and tempts lovers of outdoor activities all year round. Good hunting and excellence fishing in mountain lakes and rivers. Wonderful landscape for walks and mountain hikes, and amateur photographers will be thrilled by the abundance of exciting shots.

Welcome to the Bardøla Høyfjellshotell

Bardøla Høyfjellshotell is a classic mountain hotel, family managed for more than 50 years. We offer hospitality and a personal commitment dedicated to excellence in service, food and interior.

The Venabu Fjellhotell

Venabu Fjellhotell is run by the Tvete family, and has welcomed visitors to the mountains for more than 50 years. The hotel is like a home to many, with its relaxed atmosphere, good food and pleasant guests from many countries.

Tuddal h

Situated on the 'sunny side' of the Gausta peak is Norway`s oldest hotel in the mountains would like to share with you a hundred years of history.
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