Hunting & Fishing

Hunting & Fishing

Welcome to Kiær Mykleby

Kiær Mykleby rents out its land and cabins for small and big game hunting and fishing, on a daily, weekly, seasonal, annual or on contract basis.

Welcome to Brufoss in Norway

Welcome to Brufoss and a beautiful presentation of some of the best Fishing destinations in Norway. Brufoss is a Norwegian tour operator knowledgable in fishing with a wide experience of the requirements of our customers. Their qualifications are adequate to offer you good quality experiences in nature.

Glomma is Norways largest river and excellent for fishing

describes the river Glomma from Elverum to the Aursunden lake (270 kilometers) and the river Rena (30 kilometers). Totally about 300 kilometers of varied and interesting river-stretches in the south-eastern part of Norway, with good populations of grayling, trout, white-fish, pike, etc.

Welcome to the Plahte Estate

The Plahte Estate, halfway up the coast of Norway, is one of the largest privately owned land areas. Facilities for hunting and fishing, and for experiencing wildlife and splendid nature, have been carefully prepared and organized for our guests to enjoy great experiences.
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