Go salmonfishing at the Moum & Heggum beat in Namsen

Frank Dugdale fished at Moum from the middle of the 1880-ies. At that time the farm was situated away from the Namsen.

Dugdale, who was a passionate angler, offered to pay for the architect and the drawings and thereby persuaded the owner at that time, Erik Moum, to build a house with the highest standards of the times for himself and his guests.The salmon is still the big attraction, as it was when the first salmon anglers came to the Namsen in the 1830-ies. On the Moum/Heggum beat we still fish according to old traditions, with regular fishing-, and resting times. Generation's experience has given us the knowledge and understanding about the interaction between the salmon and the river. It is this knowledge that is shared with anglers, so that the chance of catching the salmon is as good as possible

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