Welcome to the Plahte Estate

The Plahte Estate, halfway up the coast of Norway, is one of the largest privately owned land areas. Facilities for hunting and fishing, and for experiencing wildlife and splendid nature, have been carefully prepared and organized for our guests to enjoy great experiences. The 65,000 hectares (160,000 acres) estate contains a great variety of biotopes and scenery within its range from the fjords and varied forests to mountain regions. At Plathes estates you will find some of the best fishing of the region for salmon, sea trout and arctic char. In the interior, large waterways are rich in trout. Equally important is our hunting for moose, deer, grouse and other small game.
This north-western corner of Europe is one of its least polluted areas. Healthy populations of game and fish, clean water and fresh air, a rugged, splendid nature and lots of space, combine into a special experience.
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