Welcome to Brufoss in Norway

Welcome to Brufoss and a beautiful presentation of some of the best Fishing destinations in Norway. Brufoss is a Norwegian tour operator knowledgable in fishing with a wide experience of the requirements of our customers. Their qualifications are adequate to offer you good quality experiences in nature. Their products include freshwater fishing for trout, grayling, gwynead, pike, eel and perch which should satisfy the choosiest angler and also salmon fishing in some of Norway's best salmon rivers. In addition they offer you salt water fishing in ocean and coastal areas - in magnificent scenery.

Their destinations include rivers like

Namsen - Salmonfishing and freshwaterfishing
Numedalslaagen - Salmonfishing
River Ljøre - Freshwaterfishing
Telemark - Freshwaterfishing
Geilo - Freshwaterfishing
Sula - Sea-fishing
Bremanger - Sea-fishing
Langesund - Sea-fishing
Trysnes - Sea-fishing

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