Welcome to the TusenFryd !

TusenFryd is Norway's no.1 amusement park! We offer our guests a total of 33 carousels and attractions, 74 games and 23 restaurants. Vi have a special area for water activities, and lots of fun for all the family!

Bø Sommarland - Water Adventure

'Sommarland' - a world of fun adventures and exciting challenges. With more than 100 different activities, this is the place where children, young people and adults can have fun together..

History about Sel municipality coat of arms

History about Sel municipality coat of arms is from the battle in Kringen 1612. The Scottish army - men who were hired to help in the Kalmar war - were on the road from Åndalsnes - Lesja - Dovre - Sel and should go to Sweden for the Kalmar war.

The Jostedalen Glacier center is worth a visit.

If your are interested in wild nature and cultural attractions, Luster is the place to visit. The largest glacier on the European continent is Jostedalsbreen, having an area of almost 500 square metres.

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