This is Norway's new national park


FærderFærder national park opens in august, and will be the first and only national park on the west coast of the outer Oslofjord.

Part of Vestfold county's archipelago will in a few weeks become Norway's next national park, after the government made its final decision on Thursday, confirms Minister of the Environment, Bård Vegar Solhjell.

"This is a very important area along the Norwegian coast line," says Solhjell. There is a diverse selection of rare species both under and above water in this area. Therefore I think it is the right decision for the government to give this area status as one of our national parks, the minister explains.

The only detail that remains before the area is granted its new status is for King Harald to formalize the decision, an event that is scheduled for August 23.

Færder national park will be situated in the area south and east of Tjøme and Nøtterøy, south of Oslo.


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