Record-summer for Norwegian mountain tourism

Hiking in JotunheimenNorwegians are more active in the mountains than ever before. Both the Norwegian Tourism Association and commercial companies report a record-high number of visitors in the Norwegian mountain regions.

"Several of our serviced cabins have so far experienced the best summer in history when it comes to the number of visitors," informs head of communications in the Norwegian Tourism Association, Merete Habberstad.


Overall, the Tourism Association has experienced a growth in the number of nights spent at the serviced cabins of 22 percent more than last year, which was also a very good year.

Jotunheimen is still the most popular mountain region, whereas Huldreheimen (between Valdres and Gubrandsdalen) and Trollheimen ( a mountain range in Møre og Romsdal and Sør-Trøndelag counties) have seen most growth in number of visitors compared to last year. An increase of 50 and 18 percent respecitively.

A cabin called Fannaråkhytta, which is situated west in Jotunheimen, is the serviced cabin that reports the highest numer of visitors. In July they had a total of 966 guests, in a cabin with only 32 beds.

At the most we had 87 guests, says the host of the cabin, Runar Netland. "It worked out fine when we used both the outhouse, loft and staff house," he explained.

So far this summer, the 43 serviced tourist cabins owned by the Norwegian Tourism Association have hosted 63 116 overnight stays.

General Secretary of the Norwegian Tourism Association does not think good weather is the only reason. "Mountain hiking is gaining an increasing number of fans. An annual summer trip up to the mountains has for many people become a "must" on the same level as a holiday by the sea, and it's a social acitivity both with family and friends, Kristin Krohn Devold states in a press release.


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