Bergen: One of the most underrated cities in the world

CNN has taken a close look at what they consider the world's ten most underrated cities, and Bergen on the West Coast of Norway is on their list.


Bergen is one of several places around the world that are normally not on the average tourist's radar, but should be, according to CNN's recent rating of the world's most underrated cities.

These cities are creative hubs, filled with pleasant locals that deserve a lot more attention, CNN reports.

They describe Bergen as a gateway to the Norwegian fjords, and the ideal destination even for "die-hard" nature lovers. They also highlight the downtown area, its small-town charm and laid-back atmosphere, as well as attractions like the funicular up to Fløyen Mountain and the old Hanseatic harbour quarter of "Bryggen" - a UNESCO heritage site.

"Norway is not a typical tourist destination, so it's no surprise that Bergen is often overlooked as well," writes CNN Go. "This is a pity."


Julie Ryland

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