3000 polarbears and 2500 humans - Svalbard

The Svalbard archipelago constitutes the northernmost part of Norway between North Norway and the North Pole. The location of the islands ranges between 74 to 81 degrees north. Spitsbergen is the largest island and Longyearbyen is the administrative center. The archipelago features an Arctic climate, and offers a great destination for your holidays.

Sixty percent of the archipelago is glacier, and the islands feature many mountains and fjords. Seven national parks and twenty-three nature reserves cover two-thirds of the archipelago, protecting the largely untouched, yet fragile, nature.Svalbard is a breeding ground for many seabirds, and also features polar bears, reindeer and marine mammals.

Svalbard Reiseliv AS is a destination company located in Svalbard. Svalbard Reiseliv is responsible for the general marketing of the archipelago, including the production and distribution of tourist information materials and the operation of tourist information services throughout the year. In addition, they offer tourism statistics and assistance with the facilitation of various types of projects for the archipelago. Svalbard Reiseliv AS coordinates initiatives focused on the environment, safety and skills upgrading.

The winter season ( November/December- May ) offers many possibilities. Some travellers dream of reaching Svalbard's tallest mountain peaks by ski, whereas others prefer to experience the winter landscape by dog sledge or snow scooter. On Svalbard it is easy to feel engulfed by the sense of infinity and the raw nature.

During the summer and autumn ( June- September )it is possible to combine hikes with boat transportation or cruises.The experience of a summer on Svalbard is guaranteed to be enhanced if you sit down in the slope underneath a bustling bird mountain, camp along tall mountains and mighty glaciers.

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The Norway Post (Photos Svalbard Reiseliv)

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