History about Sel municipality coat of arms

History about Sel municipality coat of arms is from the battle in Kringen 1612. The Scottish army - men who were hired to help in the Kalmar war - were on the road from Åndalsnes - Lesja - Dovre - Sel and should go to Sweden for the Kalmar war.

History tells that an army made by farmers from the region stopped the Scottish army in Kringen. They killed most of them and took the other as prisoners.

A woman in gold on blue colour. That symbolize Pillarguri .

The hill of the fairytails

Heidal is unique in this country as a historical documentation of a rural valley. An unbelievable 60 percent of this valleyis 1300 houses date from earlier than 1900. 18 per cent of them were built in the 18th century, and the oldest house stems from the 16th. century. The buildings of Heidal belong to the best of the Norwegian log architecture.....

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