Popular ice cold marriage

So far 14 couples have signed up to be married this year in the Chapel at the Alta Igloo Hotel in the county of Finnmark in Northern Norway. The hotel opens in January each year and melts away in the spring.

Stepping through the front door of the hotel you enter a long corridor leading to a bar, chapel, gallery and 30 bedrooms, all carved from ice.

The Chapel is approved by the Bishop of North Haalogaland and the marriage is performed by the pastor of the local congregation of the Norwegian Lutheran Church.

After the ceremony and a warm meal the newly married may book the bridal suite, also carved out of ice. (Reindeer skins provided!) And the next morning the hot sauna awaits, to be topped off by a good breakfast.

And if you feel a bit warm by now, there is also an opportunity for a snowscooter ride, with both suitable clothing and safety equipment provided.

(Vaart Land/Press release)

Rolleiv Solholm 


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