The Jostedalen Glacier center is worth a visit.

If your are interested in wild nature and cultural attractions, Luster is the place to visit. The largest glacier on the European continent is Jostedalsbreen, having an area of almost 500 square metres.

The Glacier has it's name from the Jostedalen ValleyThe valley of Jostedalen, shaped by glacial erosion and invaded by plants and animals during the last 10'000 years. 10'000 years ago Norway was still covered by an ice sheet, a remnant of the last major ice age, which culminated 18'000 years ago. Then the climate improved, and deglaciation started. The glacial retreat left much evidence of the development of landscape, vegetation and animal life. Reconstruction of glacial and post glacial history has been carried out during the last century. Several kinds of scientists, both national and international, come to Jostedalen, strongly attracted by this magnificent eldorado of well developed, well shaped and so far mostly well preserved landscape forms. Glacial erosion. The different glacier arms have their own names, and the one closest to the Center is the Nigard Glacier (Nigardsbreen in Norwegian),which you see above. The Nigard Glacier is the easiest accessible of these arms. In the Center you can visit our museum, a thrilling experience, and who knows,you might just learn something too!

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