Full medical examination of Norwegian Cross-Country skiers

Kristin Størmer Steira 2006Following the allegations about the use of Astma medicine by Norwegian Cross Country skiers , the Presiden of The Norwegian Skeing Association Ships Erik Røste
and Cross country Committee leader Torbjorn Skogstad want a thorough review of the Norwegian's medicine use.

 I assume that no healthy athletes receive medications and has no reason to believe that it is not so, according to Røste. It is my responsibility to clarify the situations.He stressed that he has no information or reason to believe that healthy skiers have received medication, but believes there is a need to clarify this. The details on how this will be implemented is left to the cross-country committee. TV2 reported Wednesday that Norwegian cross-country skiers have been offered to use asthma medication , without showing symptoms of asthma . Asthma Medicine cleans up the airways , and many believe that this could give Norwegian runners an unfair competitive advantage.

Source NRK/Aftenposten - The picture is not related to the text

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