Norway cruises all year round


altThe cruise ships that travel up the Norwegian coast are becoming even more popular among tourists. Now the ships will expand their service and will travel all year around.


Up until now, cruise passengers have only been able to visit Norway in the summer time. Now tourists will be able to sail the popular route almost all year-round.

Norway has become a hotter destination for the Brits now than the Caribbean , says Wenche Elisabeth Eeg in the cruise industry's own marketing company, Cruise Norway, to NRK.

The main reason for the new routes is the Northern Lights, which have been a successful form of marketing among potential travellers.

Already the season lasts from April to October as opposed to the a few years ago when ships only sailed between May and August. With the new routes in place in 2014, the ships will sail almost every month of the year.


Julie Ryland



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