What will happen to the Polar bear ?

The age of the Polar bear is coming to an end ! In 20 years, it will probably be extinct from the polar areas, according to a number of Scientists, and in 30 years, - maybe also from the Zoo's.

During the past three decades, the number of polar bears in the Russian polar bear reserve in the Chukchi Sea was reduced from about 4,000 to a about of 1700 animals at present. At present, the numbers are even lower. According to the international organization IUCN, The Organization of threatened Species. In 2008 there were between 20,000 and 25,000 polar bears in the world. Due to the rapid decline of the population,  the polar bear was put on the red list of endangered species.

Why are the they disappearing ? There may be several reasons. The ice edge and sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is where the Polar bear hunt for food. In this area they hunt for seal in their breathing holes, and hunt for seal on the ice.The ice is gone ! Their best hunting habitats are disappearing. As the ice breaks earlier, the bears and cubs are often lost on huge ice flakes, and are not able to get back on-shore for their summer hunt and natural habitat.

Polar bears live in the Arctic, from Alaska through Canada and Greenland, Svalbard and eastward into Russia. There are no bears around the North Pole, due to the thickness of the ice, and the lack of seals for the bears to hunt.

Due to the lack of food in unpopulated northern areas, the bears search for food in populated area. This is a problem in the entire northern region, and many are shot.

 Since June this year, the North Pole has lost 100,000 square kilometers of ice every day, an area the size of Iceland, - and we repeat -  daily.

Give it a thought !

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