Latest Poll: Historic support for Labor Party continues

jonas gahr støreFor the third month in a row, the support for the Labor Party remains above 40 percent. Four out of ten voters say that the Labor Party is their number one choice. A total of seven national polls that were performed in January all show that the Labor Party is measured at an average of 41,5 percent. The historic level has been steady for three consecutive months. 


From the average result in December to the average result in Januar, there are only marginal changes, according to the calculation performed by Polls of polls. 

The Center Party increased by two points per thousand. The Labor Party and the Conservative Party both go up by one point per thousand. The right wing Progress Party remains unchanged, wheres the Socialist Left Party (SV), The Christian Democrats (KrF) and the Liberal Left (Venstre), decrease by one point per thousand. 

This means that the Conservative Party's average was 22,6 percent against the Progress Party's 11,3 percent. All together, that totals a support of 33,9 percent for the two government coalition parties, that combined were larger than the Labor Party back in October. 

The average for the government's cooperation partners was 5,3 percent for the Christian Democrats, and 4,6 percent for the Liberal Left. All in all, this would give the four parties a total of 80 members of parliament if the January-result was an election. 

Meanwhile, the Socialist Left Party's average of 3,7 percent, and the Center Party's 5,4 percent, would give the Labor Party the support they need to form a majority government of 88 members of parliament. 

The webpage Polls of polls have also calculated that Labor Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre has an advantage of 80,000 voters in the fight to become the next Prime Minister. 


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