Labor Party remains stabile at 34 percent

Jonas Gahr StøreSupport for the Labor Party (Ap) is at 34,1 percent according to September's poll. The Conservative Party (Høyre), however, falls 2,7 percentage points down to 25,8 percent. The Labor Party remains stabile at 34 percent, which has been the average result in the past six polls administered by Sentio Research. Sentio has administered polls since 1997, and it is rare that the Labor Party has had support above 34 percent.

Party Leader Jonas Gahr Støre thinks that the support will continue to increase.

"My experience from several polls is also that we have stabilized at a pretty high level. I think that we have the potential to grow even more. This stability around 30 percent is a good motivator," Støre tells Dagens Næringsliv.

The Center Party (Sp)falls 0,70 percentage points to 5,5 percent, and the Socialist Left (SV) climbs up to 4,1 percent, an increase of 0,7. The Christian Democrats (KrF) move up by 1,3 percentage points to 5,5 percent, whereas the Liberal Left remains at 4,5 percent.

The Progress Party is stabile at 13,7, but overall both the Progress Party and Conservative Party have lost considerable support since the government election last year. If the election was to be held today, the socialist parties would have been granted 77 mandates compared to the Conservative and Progress Party's 71 mandates. The situation was the opposite in the government election.


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