Conservatives question Stoltenberg's tax reform


Jan Tore SannerTore Sanner from the Conservative Party (Høyre) questions the Prime Minister's tax reform. Who will pay more tax if some will pay less, asks Sanner.

Sanner claimed that there was no less confusion surrounding the Prime Minister's plans to reorganize the Norwegian tax system after this week's question period.

"I am happy that after eight years the government has acknowledged that it is important to lower taxes in order to secure Norwegian employment, but it will cost more than NOK 10 billion to lower the rates for individual taxes from 28 to 27 percent," Sanner says.

Stoltenberg has stated that it may be relevant to also lower the tax rates for salary earners so that they are brought to the same level as the new rates for corporate taxation. Meanwhile, Stoltenberg's policy was also to keep the government's tax revenue the same, so that if one tax rate is lowered, another one should increase.

"Who will pay more taxes when some will pay less," asked Sanner during the question period, the deputy leader of the Conservative Party. The Prime Minister did not respond directly to the question, but said that a committee had been established, which will look closer at the tax system.

"We will continue the restructuring of the tax system to make it even more fair," Stoltenberg stated.


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