Possible submarine in Norwegian waters

ubåt forsvaret
he crew of a Norwegian fishing boat yesterday gave notice of a posible encounter with an alien submarine a few miles West of Bodoe. The millitary sent out the maritime surveillance plane P3 Orion searching.

The search was withot result. Russian activities with submarines has increased sharply in recent years.It is an absolutely real chance that it was a foreign submarine in this area, says Ståle Ulriksen, teacher at the Naval Academy and a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). He points out that there are deep waters off the coast and that a nuclear powered submarine can travel far in the five hours it took before Orion aircraft was in place. A conventional submarine, however, can not travel as fast, but it can be at rest on the bottom and be so quiet that Orion aircraft can not detect it, says Ulriksen. Source: NRK - Picture The Norwegian Millitary , - not related to the incident

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