62 Degrees North

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Visit Polaria in Tromsoe

Housed in a very distinctive building that represents ice floes that have been pressed up on land by the rough seas of the Arctic, you will discover Polaria, just five minutes walk from the centre of Tromsø. Polaria has an Arctic aquarium, interesting knowledge-based exhibits, a panoramic cinema, and a gift and souvenir shop. Visit Polaria


Welcome to destination Tromsoe

Welcome to our web pages! - we hope that the information within can give an interesting introduction to what our region has to offer. As a former mayor of Tromsø for many years, and now as the Managing Director of Destinasjon TROMSØ, I am very much aware of how attractive our area is for visitors.

Welcome to Troms County Council

Troms is one of three counties in North Norway. Troms is known for its rich and varied outdoor life, but it is also urban and has a vibrant cultural life, both traditional and modern. The county comprises 25 municipalities where three different cultures meet: the Norwegian, Sami and Kven cultures.

Welcome to Troms County Council


Welcome to The Green Arctic and Troms county

Troms is situated quite a distance north in the region we call The Green Arctic. Located between 68 and 70 degrees North and would have been tundra if it was not for the Gulf Stream giving it a mild climate

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