The Norsk Folkemuseum

The Norsk Folkemuseum is Norway’s largest museum of cultural history. With collections from around the country, the museum shows how people lived in Norway from 1500 to the present. The more than 150 buildings in the Open-Air Museum represent different regions in Norway, different time periods, as well as differences between town and country, and social classes.


Tourism: Holmenkollen still favourite attraction

For the tenth year running, the Holmenkollen Skijumping Hill is ranked as Norway's most visited tourist attraction in the summer season. Of the 50 most visited tourist spots, Holmenkollen had 646,580 paying visitors this season, an increase of 7 per cent.

The Kon-Tiki Museum

The Kon-Tiki Museum is a private foundation, which houses a range of boats and artefacts from Thor Heyerdahl
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