45,000 cases of cyber crime in Norwegian companies

Only one out of nine Norwegian companies have a thorough protection plan in place against cyber crime.

Both public and private Norwegian companies were targeted in 45,000 cases of computer hacking, theft and fraud last year, according to a recent survey among 886 companies.

"The threat level shows that computer crime is on the rise, whereas the security measures in many companies is getting poorer. This is a cause for concern," says director of the Security Council for Businesses, Kristine Beitland.

Few companies realize that they have been victims of an attack, and even fewer want to admit that they have been targeted. Only 361 cases of cyber crime were reported to the police last year.

Based on analyses in the U.K., the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) have estimated that computer crime could lead to a loss of NOK 20 billion for Norwegian companies each year.


Julie Ryland

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