Looking for relatives in Norway. 1865 census from Rygge, domicile: Navestad. Wilhelm Michaelsen born:1849 great grandfather. Census 1900 Sandsvaer, domicile: Naes Vilhelm Navestad, Grete Olsdatter had two sons. Olaf Vilhelmsen is my grandfather, born: 1886.

Olaf Wilhelmsen Nass imigrated to USA March 1907 arriving NY Apr 1907 on the ship Hellig Olav, he was 20yoa. Came with good friend Simonsen, 24yoa. Both were from Drammen and were carpenters. He left behind two brother Karl Wilhelmsen, born: 1881, and Olaus Wilhelmsen, born: 1877 and a sister Julie Wilhelmdatter, born: 1884, all from Sandsvaer, Buskerud. Anyone with family information please contact.Contactinformation:

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