A Canadian discovers brown cheese

Canadian journalist Marc Macdonald recently arrived in Norway. We have asked him to share with us his first impressions of Norwegian cuisine.

How to make your own Lutefisk

To start you first have to decide how big a portion of stockfish you want to soak, or rather how much Lutefisk you want to make. As a rule, 125 grams of stockfish are the equivalent of 1 kg of soaked fish. A lutefisk lover is likely to consume at least a kilo of lutefisk, which means you should allow a minimum of 125 grams of stockfish per person.

Historic Restaurants in Norway

Bring your family or your loved one to a charming restaurant - enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in one of the oldest restaurants in Norway. Menus based on the best raw materials, combined with comprehensive wine lists, and friendly, thoughtful service, makes every visit to one of our restaurants an experience you and your guests will remember.

Welcome to Brødr. Hveding AS !

Brødr. Hveding AS is Norway’s biggest producer of lye fish and its name is well respected among those with a passion for lye fish. Our workers will do almost anything to provide you with the best quality lye fish in Norway.

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