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catchdeliveryThe winter cod fishing has a long tradition, and for several hundred years, this fishery has attracted anglers from all over the country. Fishing for cod occurs mainly around  Vesterålen, Senja and Lofoten. In Lofoten alone more than 30,000 tons of cod is caught every season.

In a normal season

about 400 fishing boats find their way to Lofoten. Most are smaller coastal vessels and fishing boats. 


The first tons of cod have arrived in Vesterålen. - The Cod is here, and this season is going to be an adventure. There is plenty of fish in the ocean and record allowances allow fishing boats from the coast of Norway to take part in what is probably the best cod fishing in 40 years.

There are strong opinions about whether a cod is cod or not. The Word cod comes from the old Norse word  "skride", which means "wandering".  The Cod that has migrated from the Barents Sea, is longer, darker in color and slightly narrower in shape than the usual coastal cod.

The municipality of Oksnes was in 2012 voted the biggest cod fisheries municipality in Norway. The fishing industry in this municipality with only 4500 inhabitants, had a turnover in this business of more than 2.5 billion NOK last year.headsoff

Due to the record allowances this year, and abundancy of fish, the prices of cod are falling. Combined with the financial crisis in Europe and reduced consumption, the industrial price of the cod is down to about 10 NOK/kilo, or 50% of the normal. The fishermen are frowning, and we are all encouraged to eat more cod. It is cheaper, better and healthier than most other alternatives.

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