You have to give this a try - Smalahove from Voss

We have already presented the Lutefisk. Another peculiar ancient dish from the Norwegian cuisine is the Smalahove or sau(d)ehau(d). We haven't been able to find any sensible translation of the word other than the description as a dish from grilled, smoked or boiled lamb head.

The dish has long traditions on the West Coast of Norway, and Voss, again derived from the need to utilize all available meet on the animal. Traditionally it was served with sour milk or with beer in on special occasions.  The lamb or sheep was usually slaughtered on the local farm, the remains of the wool was scorched. The scull was split in 2, and the brain was removed. The head was then soaked in water for a couple of days and then salted for preservation. The smoking process had to be carried out with smoke from special wood, and before serving it was boiled or steamed until the meat loosened from the cheek bone.

Smalahove is also served on Iceland and also belongs to ancient  Arab-Jewish traditions.

Today, Smalahove is regarded as a dish for special occasions. and is regarded as a delicacy. It is also served in restaurants. The fat around the ears, the eyes, the toungue are regarded as the best meat. The dish is served with potatoes, fat and mashed swede.

The smalahove belongs to Voss.  Here are some links to other resources and pictures on this special dish.

Smalahovetunet Voss - here are some pictures

This is how they make it (NRK - In Norwegian)

Videos on Youtube

Rikets røst - in Norwegian

Watch a video on youtube

Smalahove's may be hard to get. Your best bet if you want to try is Smalahovetunet in Voss


The Norway Post

Pictures from Mammas kokebok and The Freshloaf

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