King Harald and Queen Sonja Arrive in New York

The Norwegian King and Queen completed their visit in Minnesota on Tuesday and arrived in New York, where they will visit both Ground Zero and MoMa before they return to Oslo.

En route to New York, they stopped to view Cold Recall – Reflections of a Polar Explorer - at the Minnesota – St. Paul International Airport, an exhibition created in connection with the 100-year-anniversary of Amundsen’s expedition to the South Pole.

The exhibition opened on October 10, and includes many of Amundsen’s personal photographs that he took during the expedition and used to show at seminars. Polar explorers Liv Arnesen, Ann Bancroft and Will Steger were also among the approximately 100 guests.

With no official program on Wednesday, the King and Queen will have a day to unwind before they attend a lunch at the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) on Thursday.

Later that afternoon they will visit Scandinavian House and see the exhibition "Luminous Modernism: Scandinavian Art Comes to America, 1912", together with the President of Iceland, President of Finland, the King and Queen of Sweden and Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark.

The King and Queen will end their 10-day trip and fly back to Oslo from New York on Saturday.


Written by Julie Ryland

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