Weekend Feature: Extremists at the Top of the World

This week the city of Voss in Western Norway has been invaded by
'extremists' from all over the world, participating in the annual Extreme Sports Week. The week has been a festival of alternative sports with over a thousand participants from 30 nations, jumping, diving, biking and gliding from the surrounding mountains..

Feature: How Norwegians use their time

We are visiting each other less now than before, and we are an hour more alone now than we were in 1990. We are also less at home than in 1980, and instead we spend more time travelling and in public places. This is shown by a survey made by Statistics Norway.

Weekend Feature: The Alexandria Library

For the traveller, Egypt is no longer just pyramids and pharaoes. From now on, the new library in Alexandria is also a tourist landmark. The Norwegian designed giant library was opened this past week, with the Norwegian Education Minister Kristin Clemet present.

Special Feature: Thor Heyerdahl

His voice announced the opening of the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics. He has been called: Explorer. Environmentalist. World Citizen. Author. Anthropologist. Archaeologist. Administrator extraordinaire.

All of these describe Norway’s indisputably most famous son of our day, Thor Heyerdahl, who died on Thursday..

Weekend Feature: Norway's Global School

Teacher Else Mageroy has pupils spread around the globe. Her place of employment is at home in Volda in the county of Moere og Romsdal, but together with nine colleagues Mageroy teaches Norwegian children in 60 different countries.

Travel Feature: The Lofoten Experience

During February and March the Cod from the Arctic waters approaches Lofoten in large numbers to breed, and by the first week of April, most of the fish has entered the warm shallow waters of the Lofoten basin. It is time for The World Championship in Cod Fishing!

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