Travel Feature: The Lofoten Experience

During February and March the Cod from the Arctic waters approaches Lofoten in large numbers to breed, and by the first week of April, most of the fish has entered the warm shallow waters of the Lofoten basin. It is time for The World Championship in Cod Fishing! Every year, the codfish or 'skrei' as it is called locally, enters Norwegian waters in large numbers from the Barents Sea in the North, - with Lofoten as final destination.

It's sole purpose is to breed in the warm waters of the Golf stream.

The scene is set for what is said to be the Worlds's largest fisheries, - and for The World Championship in Cod Fishing!
Looking at a map of Lofoten, you will understand why this magical, weatherbeaten arm of Norway, - stretching out into the Atlantic, - collects the rich and warm waters of the Golf Stream.

The stream enters the Norwegian coastline from the south, flows upward along the coast, and is partially trapped in Vestfjorden, the basin between the Southwesternmost tip of Lofoten, the island of Roest and the mainland, near the city of Bodoe.

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