Morten Tyldum's The Imitation Game wins Oscar

Morten TyldumNorwegian director Morten Tyldum's film The Imitation Game was nominated in eight categories, but won only one that was awarded to screenwriter Graham Moore for best adapted script.  Although Tyldum did not take home any Oscars to Norway, the director was very happy with Moore's achievement.


"We have worked together for so long, we have sat in a room together for six months working. He gave the best speech, and it meant so much that he won. We are very pleased," Tyldum tells NRK.

The Imitation Game lost in several of the most prestigious categories, but according to Moore the award to Moore for the best adapted script was far from secondary. 

"We hoped for one or two statues, and to get it for the story itself is wonderful. Next time we will bring the statue home," Tyldum says. 

After the award ceremony the Norwegian director and his wife, Janne Tyldum, arrived at a party hosted by Norwegian fashion brand Moods of Norway. They were greeted with a major applause, and did not even get through the door before the media started to bombard them with questions. Tyldum admits that it feels very special to be part of the "Hollywood-circus." 

"I feel established in Hollywood now. The most unique about this trip is all the people that we have met. I feel as a part of this circus."

The director will take a couple of days to rest before he starts working on new projects. 

"We have our own projects, and I have several film offers. A couple of vacation days and I will start working again."





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