Bergen's Munch-collection reopens

altThe Bergen Art Museum will re-open their Munch exhibition on May 4, after 10 years of extensive restoration of several damaged works of the famous Norwegian painter. 


The Art Museum in Bergen has the world's third largest Munch collection, but due to extensive restoration work the drawings have not been available for several years.

The collection consists of 100 drawings and 50 paintings. Most of them come from Rasmus Meyer's private collection.

Meyer,  a businessman from Bergen, bought works from several Norwegian artists towards the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, and became known for his impressive collection. All of Munch's works now belong to Bergen Art Museum.

One of Munch's works that will be shown is a unique version of Scream painted with ink. The drawing has not been displayed since the 1980s, and will be one of several highlights when Rasmus Meyer's collection opens again on May 4.

(Bergen Kunstmuseum)

 Julie Ryland

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