Norwegian-Danish sculpture in Trafalgar Square



A close to four-meter high Scandinavian-made sculpture of a boy on a rocking horse will be on display in London’s Trafalgar Square for the next 18 months.


The Norwegian-Danish artist duo Ingar Dragset and Michael Elmgreen created the statue, which is meant to be a new take on the traditional horse/sculpture theme.

- We’ve based the statue of what the square represents, but we wanted to look forward rather than back, the duo explained to reporters during the opening ceremony in London Thursday.

London Mayor Boris Johnson announced in January last year that Drageset’s and Elmgreen’s statue had been selected, among 20 contemporary artists. The four-meter high sculpture is made of brass, and has been named "Powerless Structures, Fig 101".

Justine Simons, the director of the Fourth Plinth Committee that selected the piece, is very pleased with the result. "It has a good energy and gives a good feeling to all of Trafalgar Square," she says.

Since 1998, the fourth pillar on Trafalgar Square has been a rotating display for various contemporary artists. Every year the committee chooses what they consider the best contribution.

In January of this year it was also announced that the duo is making an installation that will be displayed by the central station in Trondheim in Norway. The installation is supposed to be complete in 2015.


Julie Ryland

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