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Eight Oscar nomination for The Imitation Game

TyldumNorwegian director Morten Tyldum's film The Imitation Game is nominated for Oscar in eight different categories, including "Best Picture."   Director Morten Tyldum had just landed at Heathrow Airport when his phone started to ring. 


"I have been incredibly excited all night. It has almost been like torture to sit on the plane. Now the entire world knows, and not me," says Tyldum, whose first Hollywood production, The Imitation Game, has been nominated for Oscar in eight different categories - including "best directing."

In addition to "best picture" and "best directing," The Imitation Game is also nominated for "best male lead actor" (Benedict Cumberbatch), "best original music," "best writing - adapted screenplay", "best female supporting actress" (Keira Knightley), "best production design" and "best film editing." 

"This is amazing," says Tyldum, who did not know about the nominations before his plane landed at Heathrow on Thursday. "I am so proud on behalf of my amazing co-workers that have also been nominated, including the editor and the composer. Even though this is a small film, I have been able to bring with me some of the best people in the world because they believed in the film," he explains. 

In addition to Tyldum'sollywood feature film, Norwegian animation director Torill Kove has been nominated for her animation short film Moulton and Me. Kove holds what may be a new record; she has been nominated three years in a row for her animation films, and in 2007 she won an Oscar for her film Den danske dikteren ("The Danish Poet").


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