Statoil cuts more jobs

StatoilStatoil is cutting back, and the company will reduce jobs by up to 20 percent within its technical department. This means that up to 2400 employees, mainly engineers, may lose their jobs. 

Statoil has gone through an extensive staff reduction program in the past year, and a total of 1950 employees have so far had to leave the company. Now it seems like Statoil is heading for another major cut, which may mean cutting just as many jobs, or more.


During the next month, several groups of experts will present their analysis of a process that began last fall. Statoil Head of Information, Jannik Lindbæk jr., informs that this work is now coming to an end. 

"The conclusions of this process will not become clear until some time towards summer," Lindbæk says. 

Senior Employee Representative of an association of engineers called NITO, Stig Læreid, confirms that Statoil is considering a 20 percent cut within its technical department, which currently employs 12.000 engineers. 

However, Læreid still hopes that Statoil will be able to avoid the reduction of another 2000 employees. What is for certain, he says, is that this will have consequences for the engineers on staff, without being able to predict a spesific number of positions. 



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