Progress party wants an apology from Obama

Barack ObamaThe Progress Party (Frp) would like President Barack Obama to apologize after the future Ambassador to Norway made stark remarks about the Progress Party in a Congress hearing.

George James Tsunis, future Ambassador to Norway and one of Obamas biggest financial supporters during the election campaign, was tested on his knowledge about Norway in a recent Congress hearing. However, his answers revealed that his knowledge of his new country of residence was minimal. 


Yet again, the Progress Party was described as an ultra-conservative party.

The Progress Party's spokesperson for Justice Policy, Jan Arild Ellingsen, says that he feels very provoked by Tsuni, the candidate that Obama nominated to be the new Ambassador to Norway.

"I actually expect the American President to get involved and offer an apology to the Progress Party and Norway. This way of labeling us is not acceptable," says Ellingsen.

In the hearing, Tsunis referred to Norway's "president," and he indicated that the Progress Party is "spewing out their hatred." He also said that Norway has denounced the Progress Party, and must have missed the fact that the party is in government. 

The Congress Hearing is part of the process towards accepting the candidates that Obama has nominated for Ambassador positions abroad. 

Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende (the Conservative Party/Høyre) is not as critical as Ellingsen, but tells TV2 that the new ambassador is welcome in the Kingdom of Norway. 





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