Emergency response center will not be ready on time

Anders AnundsenThe NOK 1 billion-emergency response center that was supposed to be completed within five years, will be delayed and more expensive than originally planned. 

The former government and Minister of Justice and Public Security, Grete Faremo, announced back in 2012 that the new emergency response center would be completed at Alnabru within five years, and that the cost would be NOK 1 billion. 


However, the new government Minister of Justice, Anders Anundsen (Frp/The Progress Party) warns that the new center will both be more expensive and take more time than originally estimated. 

The Emergency Response Center will be the base for the Police's Emergency Response team, the bomb team, dog service and helicopter service. 

Anundsen explains that the increased cost and delays are due to an increase in size and changes to the building's floor plan. However, Anundsen says that the ministry wants to move forward quickly, and hopes that the new plans will be ready as soon as possible. 

"We need to spend some time looking at what the best process is as we move forward, and also make sure that the need for security and emergency response all over the country can be maintained," he tells NRK.

Hadia Tajik, head of the Justice Committe, is worried that the delay will pose a threat to National security.

"Now we know that he won't be able to have the center ready within five years, which is what the former government concluded. That can have a significant impact on our country's emergency preparedness," Tajik says, and adds that Anundsen should be more open about which new elements have created a basis for opening the discussion about the center all over again. 




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