Digital enrollmen in the Norwegian Church spurs resignations

Since the Norwegian Church launched their digital membership service this year,  approximately 35.000 member resigned digitally.brynkirke baerum

The Norwegian Church has 3.9 million members , including members living abroad. So far this year , the Norwegian Church received a total of 34,331 resignations and 2035 enrollments . 24,653 of those who resigned did so electronically using the new digital tool that was launched on 15 August .

The Number of resignations must be seen in connection with the large number who are members of the Norwegian Church , said Byfuglien . She says the new digital tool for membership and withdrawal was publisized through the media , and that they were prepared for a significant number of resignations .  '
We have great respect for the individual's choice , she says.

No person shall be a member of a religious community against their will , and therefore I am glad that this voluntary tool is in place.
Persons mistakenly listed as a member of the Norwegian Church or who do not wish to be members can now easily change their status ,
and it will give us a more accurate registry , says church council leader Kristin Gunleiksrud Raaum .

Source Aftenposten/NRK - Picture - Norske Kirkebygg



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