More than 10,000 immigrants to be deported in 2015

Police4350 foreigners that have been denied permanent residence are still living in Norwegian asylum centers. The government plans to complete more than 10,000 forced deportations in 2015.  Despite more resources and efforts, there are still thousands of foreigners that reside in Norway even though they have had their applications for residency denied. The reason is that police are unsure of their identity, or their home country does not want to accept them if they are returned by forced deportation. Others simply disappear when the police show up to get them. 


The government plans to spnd another NOK 200 million in 2015 in order to complete more deportations. Most of the returnees will be asylum seekers who have had their applications denied, or foreigners that have been convicted of crime. 

"The government's goal is that people without legal residence and criminal foreigners will be returned sooner," says Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen (The Progress Party/FrP). 

Police will return 7800 foreigners by forced deportations in 2015, and 2300 will be sent out by so-called "assisted returns." 

This is an increase of approximately 60 percent compared to former prime minister Jens Stoltenberg's budget proposal for 2014, Anundsen explains. 

A large group of the individuals that are deported are often foreigners who are arrested for street drug trafficking in Oslo. Most of them have applied for asylum or their applications have been rejected. In the national budget that was presented on Wednesday, the government has suggested to allocate another NOK 20 million to strengthen the police's efforts against the foreigners that are arrested for drug trafficking. 

Police will also intensify their investigations of people who may have been granted residence in Norway on false grounds. 32 new positions will be established to strengthen the police's overall work in the Department of Immigration.



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