Norway has highest share of working women

Nurse73,5 percent of Norwegian women between 15 and 64 work. Norway's share of women in the workforce is right at the top among the world's richest and industrial countries that are part of the OECD (The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development).

Only Iceland and Switzerland rank higher than Norway in the recent report released by the OECD, based on figures from 2012. Norway is way ahead of the OECD-average, which was at 57,4 percent.


"Good welfare services like kindergartens, maternity and paternity leave and social security schemes makes it easy and profitable for women to enter the workforce," says Chief Economist Roger Bjørnstad in Socioeconomic Analysis. 

Norway's rate of working men is also high at 77,3 percent, but still below eight other OECD-countries. The total average was at 73,1 percent. 

The report also shows that despite a high rate of men and women in the workforce, Norwegians worked fewer hours last year compared to several other countries. The average annual time spent working is 25 percent above Norway's average, which was at 1420 hours in 2012. 

"Although our labor policies help bring mnay people out into the workforce, our high level of welfare also makes us treasure our spare time," Bjørnstad explains.



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