Electric cars clog the bus lanes

altDriving in the bus lane is one of the main advantages to electric car owners in Norway, but the privilege may be removed due to heavy traffic and more electric cars on the roads.

So far 2700 electric cars have been sold in Norway, most of them in the Oslo area. Now the Public Roads Administration considers taking away the advantage of letting electric cars drive in the bus lanes because the volume of el-powered cars is simply getting too big.

"It is positive that we are increasing the volume of electric cars on the roads, but at the same time it is important for the environment that we have efficient public transit," says Ivar Christiansen in the Public Roads Administration.

He thinks that the increasing volume of electric cars in bus lanes is causing access problems and delays for public transit.

"I am worried that we are moving close to a ban on electric cars in bus lanes in certain places, Christensen tells NRK. However, the climate agreement ensures that electric car owners can keep their advantages until 2017.

"The government has decided that car owners can keep the advantages that come with buying, owning, and using an electric car as long as possible. We have no plans of changing that," Christiansen says.

However, the Public Roads Administration will keep a close eye on numbers and start monitoring the volume of traffic in public transit lanes.

Although a ban is not an option right now, Christiansen explains that they may look at other measures to improve conditions, such as better physical design and signage to prevent heavy traffic, as well as more surveillance to prevent illegal driving in bus lanes.


Julie Ryland


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