Seven out of ten pickpockets are Romanian

Statistics show that seven out ten who have been arrested for theft in Oslo in 2012 and up until today are Romanian.


171 convictions of Romanians in Oslo, Asker and Bærum from 2012 and so far this year show that 152 of these convictions were related to theft, robbery, or the handling of stolen goods.

Most of the crimes are committed by professionals; nicely dressed foreigners who work together, explains Roar Kvassheim, the leader of a group within the Oslo Police District' that works with thefts.

Since August last year, 70 percent of the people who are convicted of theft have been Romanian. These numbers have now made Minister of Justice Grete Faremo concerned about the Roma people's situation in Romania, and why the money given by the Norwegian government has not been invested in improving their conditions.

Next week, Faremo is traveling to Romania to discuss the situation with local authorities.

According to NRK, NOK 134 million were set aside last year to aid the Roma people in Romania. The funds, however, are still sitting in the account, and thousands of Romanians are travelling to Oslo each summer to beg on the streets.

(NRK/Bergens Tidende/Aftenposten)

Julie Ryland



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