Prime Minister Stoltenberg congratulates Obama

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg congratulates Barack Obama with the election victory, and looks forward to cooperate with the US President for another four years.(New material)

- I congratulate Barack Obaama with his re-election. Norway has cooperated well with him during his first four years, and I look forward to cooperate with him during four new years, Stoltenberg says.

The Norwegian Prime Minister underlines that Norway and its Government would have cooperated well with thee uS also if Mitt Romney had been elected President.

- But Obama stands for political values and points of view that are closer to ours, Stoltenberg says.

Leader of the Socialist Left Party (SV), Audun Lysbakken, says that in his opinion, the right man won the US election.

However, he hopes Obama will now take more responsibility for the climate.

- But unfortunately, it does not appear that too many in the US Congress are interested in doing anything for the climate, Lysbakkens says.



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