- Lithuanian criminals pose a threat to Norway

According to the Norwegian Bureau of Crime Investigation (Kripos), criminals from Lithuania have become one of the groups that pose the largest criminal threat to Norway.

According to Dagbladet, Kripos reported in a recent presentation that several foreign groups and networks have developed a stronger presence in Norway.

Lithuanians seem to be high up on several negative statistics, says acting department head for the tactical section at Kripos, Eivind Borge. Last year, they had the highest number of deportations because of crime, at more than 520 deportations.

Lithuanians also rank at the top of the statistics when it comes to crime for profit committed by foreign citizens. More drugs travel through the Baltic on their way to Norway, and Lithuanians have also been involved in several cases of human trafficking.

"At the same time," Borge emphasizes,"it's important that we don't stigmatize all Lithuanians." There are about 25,000 Lithuanians in Norway today, and very few of them are involved in any crime, he says.

According to Borge, however, national borders seem to be slowly fading when it comes to crime. Kripos noted an increase of Lithuanian crime after the financial crisis in 2008. A Nordic analysis in 2009 revealed that several Lithuanian criminal groups were operating across the Scandinavian borders.


Julie Ryland


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