More vacation days to non-smokers

Some Norwegian employers now issue more vacation days to employees who do not smoke. Also, an increasing number of employers choose not to hire any smokers at all.


Minister of Health Anne-Grethe Strøm-Erichsen supports the employers who do not want to hire smokers, as part of her effort to tighten Norwegian tobacco laws and decrease the number of smokers across the country.

Strøm-Erichsen's ministry issued a statement which confirmed that the Ministry of Health supports a development that will make an increasing number of work places smoke free, and that emphasizes the employer's authority to prohibit smoking during work hours.

Some employers are taking it one step further, such as Bedriften Infosenter, an information center in Sarpsborg in south eastern Norway, which offers two additional vacation days for their non-smoking employees. The project is intended to be an incentive that will help current employees who smoke to quit.

The company has 115 employees, and reports that according to calculations it pays off if their employees take two more days of vacation as opposed to smoke breaks. "The smoke breaks take time, and because people don't smoke inside anymore it takes extra long when they go out for a cigarette," explains HR manager Annika D'Alicandro.


Julie Ryland


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