"Berserk" captain rejects criticism

The captain of the missing sailboat "Berserk", Jarle Andhøy(photo), and crew member Samuel Massie arrived in New Zealand in the early hours of Monday morning. Andøy rejects criticism of the expedition.

However, he admits that he had not applied for permits to travel in the region.

- I regard the area as no-man's land. In that case, no permits are needed, Andøy says.

Neither did the expedition have an agreement with a sea-rescue service.

He admits that "Berserk" is not insured.

Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, Gunnar Winther says "Berserk" had not obtained the correct permits before the expedition started.

The New Zealand Polar Institute has also criticised the expedition.

Berserk leader Jarle Andhoy (34) and Samuel Massie Ulvolden (18) had left the "Berserk" before it went missing, and were attempting to reach the South Pole point to mark the centenary of Norwegian Roald Amundsen's expedition reaching the South Pole.



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