Mullah Krekar on UN's terrorist list

The UN Sanctions Committee has included former guerilla leader Mullah Krekar, who lives in Norway, on its list of persons with ties to the terrorist organization Al Qaida. The former head of the Islamic guerrilla group Ansar al-Islam has lived in Norway for several years as a refugee.

A Norwegian appeals court recently affirmed a government decision to revoke Krekar's refugee status and deport him on the grounds Krekar poses a risk to national security.

However, the Norwegian authorities have stated that it cannot carry out a deportation at this time, because Krekar could face torture or the death penalty in Iraq.

On Thursday, the US Treasury included Krekar on a list of five men suspected of supporting or financing terrorist acts.

Placement on the UN list list would allow UN member countries to freeze any assets the suspect may have, impose travel restrictions and prevent anyone on the list from obtaining weapons.

Norway has already imposed such restrictions.


Rolleiv Solholm


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