The Progress Party demands that immigrants live like Norwegians

The Progress Party (FrP) demands tighter regulations for asylum seekers who apply for permanent residency in Norway. The party asks that immigrants dress like Norwegians, speak Norwegian, work, respect Norwegian culture and customs, do not owe any money in child support, and have no criminal background, Dagbladet reports.

"It's a fact that several asylum seekers do not wish to become part of the Norwegian society. Those who don't want that, and who do not want to work and learn Norwegian, should also not be granted permanent residency," says the Progress Party's spokesperson for immigration, Morten Ørsal Johansen.

Johansen has prepared the proposal together with fellow party members Gjermund Hagesæter and Åge Starheim, and they have the parliamentary group's full support. "It's important to set requirements," Johansen says.

Those who want permanent residency, the final stage before citizenship, will have to undergo and pass an exam that tests their language skills and knowledge of the Norwegian society, Johansen suggests.

Minister of social Inclusion Inga Marte Thorkildsen from the Socialist Left Party (SV) does not agree with the Progress Party, but thinks their proposal could cause problems related to inclusion and integration. "I have never heard of foreign citizens owing more money in child support than Norwegian men do," she says.


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