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Demands investigation of the Intelligence Service

altMinister of Defense Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen asks the Attorney General to investigate the Intelligence Section of the Norwegian Defense, which is accused of collecting and storing information about journalists.


Attorney General Arne Willy Dahl will consider investigating the Intelligence Section's monitoring of two journalists, VG reported Monday.

"First I have to find out what happened, and then evaluate whether there may be illegal actions involved in this, and who is potentially responsible for these actions," Dahl explains.

The EOS committee, Parliament's controlling body for secret services, concluded in a report issued last week that journalist Rolf J. Widerøe and his colleague Petter Aass had been illegally identified and monitored.

Aass and Widerøe's editor-in-chief, Torry Pedersen, thinks that the information was collected because the two journalists have published articles and books that have been critical of Norway's secret services.

In addition to Widerøe and Aass, freelance journalist Kjetil Stormark and three other reporters have allegedly been under the Intelligence Section's radar.

Dahl urges all of the journalists to report their case to the police. Stormark handed in his report on Monday.

Meanwhile, Strøm-Erichsen received an oral explanation from the Inspector General in the Norwegian Defense on Friday, but has since asked for more answers.


Julie Ryland


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